Teach your company to innovate faster through improvisation!

Teach your company to innovate faster through improvisation!

Adapt to change with the skills and mindset of improvisation!

Begin with an engaging, fun and transformative keynote.

Improv Keynote

Focus is on the improv mindset: how to move things forward when traditional planning methods no longer apply. This interactive talk engages everyone in the room in the experience of improvisational theories and — perhaps more importantly — how they apply to our personal and business lives.

Great Fit For…

Companies who want to grow faster, embrace change more quickly, and want their people to be more engaged. The keynote can be focused to address one or more of these topics:

  • Think like an improviser: fast and forward
  • Creating the story together
  • Collaboration is creativity
  • You are already an innovator


Your group will learn how to create and embrace new ideas faster. They will learn to build on each other’s ideas to create powerful possibilities. They will have tools and structure to use when the inevitable change happens and their plans are no longer relevant. They will learn how to move quickly and confidently with greater engagement.

About William Hall

William works with major companies to create memorable and impactful experiences. Working to craft messages that are relevant and sticky, William shares his theater experience, unlocking collaboration, creativity, and the power of story. He has coached and trained executives at: The Singapore Stock Exchange, American Express, Siemens, Black Rock, Boehringer Ingelheim, Kaiser Permanente, Salesforce, and Google, among others.

William founded the award-winning theater company Fratelli Bologna, writing, producing and performing original comedies in North America. He also co-founded award-winning BATS Improv and BATS School of Improv. When companies started asking Fratelli Bologna to bring the skills of theater into their business meetings, to promote richer conversations, William moved into coaching and communications consulting with corporate teams worldwide. He also further immersed in Thiagi training for more impactful workshop design and delivery.

William Hall


“Your ability to get people into a ‘YES’ space — and a ‘YES ... AND’ space — is priceless. It really is.”
-Dave Menninger
Ancestry [after William’s Keynote]

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“William is a great, great trainer - and makes the classroom environment for Improv a fun and safe place to practice Improv's skills I found invaluable for business. I can vouch for the benefit of Improv training; when it came time to handle, in a moment's notice, the seriously, messed up "stuff" that happens in business, William's Improv teachings had me well prepared to take the "Offering" (the unexpected disaster in the making), say "Yes, and...." (accept the "offer") and create, on the spot, a fabulous solution!”
-Sue Reeves
strategy management consultant

“We are thrilled that we did it. We liked how it was interactive and experiential and fun. The comments we got from participants were fantastic!”
-Patricia Morris
Kaiser Director of Leadership Development

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“William was really great with engaging the team. He has a way of getting us to answer our own questions and to jump out without being called on. By the end I was volunteering for everything.”
-Stacy, Participant
[Silicon Valley Start-up:  NDA]

“I loved learning from you and working with you.  It’s a delight to see someone bring such clarity and expertise, and  hit such immediate rapport.”
-Grace Hoagland
Director of Leadership Programs at the Stanford University School of Education

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“Everyone had a great time, you and your team were terrific!”
-Cynthia Turner

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“It was a very successful program. William energized the group. The exercises brought us together as clinicians in ways we had not experienced before.”
Dr. Scott Abramson
Kaiser Permanente Medical Group
Hayward, California

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“I firmly believe that improvisation is a management skill for the twenty-first century. You are helping us, and corporations around the world, to acquire and use these skills.”
Peter Schwartz Former Chairman, Global Business Network

“William is awesome. I mean when we first started talking…when you first came into the room for our first meeting…I thought this is the guy right here…you put everybody at ease…everybody is very comfortable around you. ”
Tanuka Gordon

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Download this overview of the role Improvisational Mindset is already making in leading companies. From MBA Schools to Twitter Improvisation is a tool for the relentlessly fast pace of successful companies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Fees start at $3,000 and can go up, depending on what you need. Longer time commitments – like a half-day or full-day program with a break-out session – will be more expensive than a keynote-type presentation. Events that take place overseas may also be more expensive.

Additional costs may include audio/visual equipment, round trip airfare, ground transportation, overnight accommodations and out-of-pocket expenses such as presentation tools, meals, parking, and tips.

What does it cost not to use ImprovKeynote? If your people don’t have the skills to embrace change faster and collaborate better, your company could be on the fast-track to irrelevance.

What is the focus of the keynote?

The keynote is focused on the Improvisational Mindset and the skills needed to heighten awareness and grow individual and organizational agility. A more agile company can respond to change faster with bold, fresh ideas. A company that can change faster is much better suited to win in today’s fast-paced and ultra-competitive marketplace.

We tailor the focus of your keynote based on the specific needs of your company:

Hello, are you there?
Are your people being "in the moment" during brainstorming sessions? We demonstrate how attentiveness creates new perspectives and discoveries, leading to faster, better solutions.

Yes and …
Creative concepts that just sit there are not the most useful. The best solutions come from discovering unexpected answers by building on each other's ideas. It's the best way to rapidly cultivate and prototype new ideas.

Trust me?
Collaboration and engagement are the heart of the Improvisational Mindset. For these qualities to thrive we must have a deep level of trust. Developing this trust among your team members is critical for success.

Skills are more valuable than the plan
Improvisational groups build stories in real time in front of an audience. They don't practice what they're going to do, they practice how they're going to do it. The same technique works for corporate groups. We'll introduce specific skills to build confidence and competence in your people.

Can we change the focus to address challenges in our industry?

Yes. It’s a great way to create relevance for your group. Working on a real-life challenge is always more valuable than working on a theoretical challenge.

Here are a few examples from past keynotes:

Team Acceleration
Learn how to “jump start” a new team to be more effective faster!

Don’t get mired in a culture of negativity! Tell stories that drive personal behavior to encourage creativity!

Creativity & Innovation
Bring out the best in others to innovate faster! It’s the “1+1=10” formula for success.

Power & Influence
Inject new energy and expand your range of power to create more trustful and influential relationships! We call this projecting power.

Let’s talk about the specific challenges you face in your industry and organization!

Can I video the keynote and put it on the web?

An ImprovKeynote is designed to be a live, interactive experience between the speaker and the audience. Watching a video of the session dilutes its effectiveness a great deal.

That said, if you really want to video portions of the session and make it available to others in your company … let’s talk! I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.